The new President of Paraguay sees Morocco as an attractive gateway to Africa and the Arab world

The perfect entryway to Africa and the Arab world for Paraguay and all of South America, according to Santiago Pena, the country’s new president, is Morocco.

Speaking to Rachid Talbi El Alami, Speaker of the House of Representatives, who had attended the president’s inauguration as His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s representative, the Paraguayan head of state made the comment.

Pena expressed his intention to visit Morocco and advance positive relations with the Kingdom while also stating that he and the regional leaders both value Morocco as a gateway to both Africa and the Arab world.

He went on to emphasize the Kingdom’s crucial contribution to the South’s overall development and his conviction that deepening cooperation with Morocco will drive South-South ties towards greater prosperity and growth.

For his part, Talbi El Alami told MAP that during the audience, he wished the president of Paraguay well and expressed His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s admiration for the country’s Moroccan-like democratic system.

He added that regular elections are held in both nations in accordance with all statutory and constitutional requirements for the organizing of electoral periods, establishing a democratic tradition in both nations.

Talbi El Alami emphasized that Morocco is a trustworthy partner and a stable nation in terms of politics, society, and the economy in this context, despite the unrest in the region. He cited His Majesty the King’s roughly fifty visits to Africa since 2000, which resulted in the signing of 1,500 cooperation agreements.

The largest banking network in Africa, as well as businesses engaged in insurance, telecommunications, and aviation, are all present in the Kingdom, he added.

At the same time, the lower house speaker mentioned a number of strategic projects in which Morocco is involved at the continental level, first of all the gas pipeline project between Nigeria and Morocco, a gigantic project that will have a very positive impact on the 13 countries it will cross.

He recalled that Morocco has built two fertilizer production plants in Ethiopia and Nigeria to contribute to food security in these regions of the continent.

Talbi El Alami concluded that His Majesty the King believes that the future of the world lies in the South, more specifically in Africa, Latin America and the countries of South Asia, and as a new world is emerging, Morocco, together with Paraguay, wishes to play an active role in consolidating the excellent relations between Rabat and Asunción.

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