Galatasaray denies accusations of Ziyech medical failure and maintains the current transfer procedure

Erden Timur, the deputy chairman of Galatasaray, gave a status report on Hakim Ziyech’s prospective inclusion in the squad.

Timur assured fans and stakeholders that Ziyech’s health tests performed so far have not revealed any issues.

Timur informed that Hakim Ziyech’s medical evaluations are almost finished. The team has performed a complete and in-depth investigation.

Galatasaray is still actively considering its alternatives, even though the whole transfer strategy cannot be divulged due to the effect it would have on the current and forthcoming seasons.

The main objectives are to win the league championship and advance to the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Timur’s comments come in response to rumors that Hakim Ziyech had not successfully completed the necessary medical tests to join Galatasaray.

These claims were categorically refuted by Timur, who also revealed that the health assessment procedure was almost complete.

Concern among Hakim Ziyech’s supporters has grown as a result of the anticipation surrounding his circumstance, especially in light of the lingering questions surrounding his position with Premier League team Chelsea.

This year, Ziyech’s uniform number was dropped, and he skipped the team’s offseason training camp. The complexities of Ziyech’s probable transfer are still up for dispute, and there have been a variety of reports floating about during the transfer season.

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