Rubiales Refuses to Resign Over World Cup Kiss, Slams ‘False Feminism’

Luis Rubiales, the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), has come under fire for steadfastly refusing to resign from his position in the face of growing requests for him to do so.

The event when Rubiales kissed Jenni Hermoso on the lips during the team’s celebrations after winning the Women’s World Cup is what has drawn attention to this scenario.

Following Spain’s victory, Rubiales was seen improperly touching his crotch before the celebrations began.

The incident sparked heated discussions on proper behaviour and gender dynamics in sports, igniting a blaze of criticism.

Rubiales made it plain during an urgent meeting of the RFEF on Friday that he will resist pressure from politicians, athletes, and even FIFA, which has started disciplinary action against him.

Instead, he vehemently defended his behavior and harshly denounced what he called “false feminism.”

“Daughters, learn it; it’s a lesson for life… He addressed the present members of the Spanish women’s squad, saying, “You are real feminists, not the phony feminism that is out there.

Rubiales apologized to the Spanish Queen and expressed regret for any offense his acts may have caused.

Following Spain’s World Cup victory, he said that his crotch-grabbing motion was an unplanned display of emotion and appreciation.

He underlined that the kiss with Hermoso was consensual and free of any power, saying it was an expression of mutual affection.

However, the incident has sparked a wave of criticism from a variety of angles, with many calling for Rubiales to go, including well-known football professionals.

Spain’s top-tier football league, La Liga, was led by Javier Tebas, who today took to Twitter to denounce Rubiales for damaging Spanish football’s reputation.

Tebas asserted that Rubiales’ acts were part of a pattern rather than one-off episodes, giving examples of prior occurrences of what he called “misogynistic gestures, profane expressions, and protocol blunders.”

He said that numerous football players had suffered as a result of Rubiales’ activities under his leadership. “Luis Rubiales has offended too many women and men over the years, and this must stop.”

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