ONCF Announces Tender for 168 New Trains, Including 18 TGVs

After an international expression of interest in September 2022, which garnered ten responses from global rolling stock manufacturers, the National Railway Office (ONCF) now initiates a competitive tender to procure 168 trains, including 18 high-speed trains.

The National Railway Office (ONCF) launches a competitive tender to acquire 168 trains, including 150 dedicated to inter-city services, rapid shuttle trains, and metropolitan transit, along with 18 high-speed trains for expanding high-speed lines.

This acquisition aims to meet the growing passenger traffic demand, replace aging fleet components, and facilitate connections for the future extension of the high-speed line (LGV) to Marrakech. Additionally, it ensures local services, resembling RER, in the Casablanca and Rabat regions.

With this investment totaling around 16 billion dirhams, the National Railway Office (ONCF) aims not only to procure trains but also to facilitate the creation of a Moroccan railway industrial ecosystem. This initiative signifies job creation and the bolstering of the national industrial fabric. The ultimate ambition is to achieve a local integration rate that transforms the country into a competitive platform on a continental and even global scale.

As a reminder, in September 2022, ONCF initiated an international expression of interest for this acquisition, aiming to identify potential project stakeholders, foster stronger partnerships, and gather insights on the skills, resources, and ideas of interested parties.

Following the international expression of interest, ONCF received ten responses from global rolling stock manufacturers. Today, the next phase begins with the launch of the competitive tender, focusing on three key components.

First key component is Procurement of trains with a delivery schedule spanning 4 years from 2027 to 2030. Second key is Partnership for maintenance which is about establishing a joint structure with the selected manufacturer responsible for routine and industrial train maintenance on behalf of ONCF and last key is Industrial development where the chosen manufacturer is tasked with spearheading an industrial development project.

This includes the construction of a manufacturing unit and the establishment of a railway ecosystem, comprising suppliers and subcontractors, with an export-oriented vision akin to achievements in the automotive and aerospace industries.

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