Morocco Condemns Israeli Bombing of Qatar’s Gaza Reconstruction Committee HQ

Nasser Bourita, Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccan Expatriates, strongly condemned Israeli actions in Gaza, specifically the recent bombing of the Qatari Commission for Gaza Reconstruction headquarters. The minister emphasized Morocco’s disapproval of these actions, citing violations of international law rules and international humanitarian law.

“There is, of course, great concern about what is happening, particularly the human losses among civilians due to Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip, the latest of which is the bombing of the headquarters of the Qatari Commission for Gaza Reconstruction, which the Kingdom of Morocco condemns”, Bourita said during a joint press conference with his Hungarian peer, Peter Szijjarto, following their talks.

Bourita added that the death of a large number of civilians, as HM King Mohammed VI stressed in His speech at the Arab-Islamic Summit held last weekend in Riyadh, is “unacceptable, whatever the party behind” these acts, noting that Morocco clearly condemns that Israeli forces continue to kill children and women in Gaza.

Highlighting the urgency, Minister Nasser Bourita reiterated the Sovereign’s call for immediate and concrete de-escalation, halting military attacks for a lasting and verifiable ceasefire.

Emphasizing the need to protect civilians and prevent their targeting, Bourita underlined the importance of a political perspective for reviving the two-State solution.

Without such a perspective, the region is bound to perpetuate a cycle of crisis management, marked by tension, violence, and counter-violence.

In this context, he emphasized the need for the international community and influential nations to transcend the current phase in addressing the Palestinian cause. Instead, they should focus on rebuilding trust to initiate substantive negotiations for a fair, comprehensive, and enduring resolution.

Emphasizing adherence to international legal resolutions and the two-State solution, he concluded by urging collective rigor and responsibility to halt Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.

He called for the promotion of reason and wisdom to establish a just and lasting peace in the region, ensuring security and stability for all its inhabitants.

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