US Backs Moroccan Autonomy Plan for Sahara: State Department

The United States reiterated its steadfast support for the Moroccan autonomy plan on Monday, emphasizing its credibility and realism in addressing the Sahara issue.

The US State Department spokesperson, Matthew Miller, emphasized the United States’ steadfast commitment to viewing Morocco’s autonomy plan as a “serious, credible, and realistic” approach to resolving the long-standing Sahara conflict. During a recent press briefing in Washington, Miller highlighted the U.S.’s full support for the UN-led political process on the Sahara, underlining the need for an enduring solution without delay.

The spokesperson’s statements solidify the consistent position of the United States, which, in 2020, played a pivotal role in the historic recognition of Morocco’s full sovereignty over its entire territory, including the southern provinces. The U.S. continues to advocate for a diplomatic resolution to the regional dispute.

Addressing a query about the recent visit of the US ambassador to Algeria, Elizabeth Moore Aubin, to Tindouf, the spokesperson clarified that the visit was part of a UN-led initiative involving various international donors. The spokesperson emphasized that there was no bilateral engagement with the polisario during the visit, debunking media reports that suggested meetings between the U.S. ambassador and leaders of the separatist entity.

This statement serves to clarify the U.S. position on the matter, refuting unfounded allegations and reinforcing the United States’ commitment to a diplomatic approach in addressing the Sahara conflict.

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