Morocco Prioritizes African Integration: Government Head

Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch: Morocco, guided by HM King Mohammed VI for the past two decades, prioritizes African integration in its development vision, marking a sustained commitment to collaboration across the continent.

Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch emphasized Morocco’s commitment to developing the Atlantic coast of Africa, encompassing 23 countries along the continent’s Atlantic strip. Speaking at the G20 Summit on investment’s panel themed “Investment in Africa and Economic Cooperation,” Akhannouch highlighted the vision expressed in HM King Mohammed VI’s latest speech, aiming to transform the region into a hub for economic integration and global influence.

Akhannouch stressed the importance of African regional integration and called for increased collaboration with committed international partners. He noted, “Foreign investments, particularly from G20 nations representing a significant portion of global GDP, are crucial for our continent.”

Under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, the improvement of the business climate has become a strategic focus of national policies, Akhannouch pointed out. Creating an attractive business environment is key to enhancing both national and international private investments, he added.

Akhannouch expressed optimism about Africa’s ability to integrate global value chains and turn its assets into development opportunities. The summit, attended by high-level German and African representatives, aimed to foster deeper economic relations and discuss joint projects for mutual benefit.

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