Bank Of Africa Sheds Light On African Qualifications Through The Launch Of A New Platform

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Based on a royal vision for the development and economic integration of Africa and for the well-being and happiness of its citizens, the Bank of Africa launched a new platform that serves as a strong message symbolizing the historic turning point of the Bank of Africa, which is building a new and unique brand for the whole African continent.

Accordingly, the Director General, Othman Benjelloun, stated that “Africa is the hope of the twenty-first century, and we believe in it and cling to it. We see in Africa a continent full of vitality, a continent that is confident in its capabilities and qualifications, and a continent that is deeply rooted in history and that keeps pace with the times.”

In this regard, the bank’s statement stated that the updates, in their new form, represented by the platform #21 Wealth for the Future, available in three languages ​​at 21ressources, are intended to promote the bank’s vision and optimism for the Africa of tomorrow.

In the same context, the communiqué said that this step confirms the extent of the firm commitment of this institution to participate in the development and prosperity of the continent, whether it is related to the demographic, social, economic or political aspect, stressing that the Bank of Africa will remain convinced of Africa’s necessary qualifications to enable it to face all developments and changes that the world is witnessing with firmness.

This conviction, according to the same source, constitutes the source of the dynamism pursued by the Bank of Africa Group, which it embodied by adopting its new slogan “Our Continent, Our Future”, which reflects the relentless pursuit to reveal all African qualifications to help build a brighter and more promising future.

On the other hand, the communiqué stated that, in line with its communication policy, the Bank of Africa launched, yesterday, June 8, 2021, an “institutional tape” with an optimistic imprint and an ambitious vision for Africa through which it yearns to urge Africans to trust in themselves and their future and make them proud of their capabilities and qualifications.

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