Professional Association Of Moroccan Banks And Moroccan Financial Market Authority Sign A Cooperation Agreement

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The Professional Association of Moroccan Banks (GPBM) and the Moroccan Financial Market Authority (AMMC) signed, yesterday, May 26th, a cooperation agreement aimed at consolidating the efforts of the two parties with regard to measures that facilitate access to the capital market and enhance its role in financing the economy.

This agreement was signed by Head of the GPBM, Othman Benjelloun, and President of the AMMC, Nezha Hayat, in the presence of the two vice-presidents of the Professional Association of Moroccan Banks, Mohamed El Kettani and Mohamed Karim Mounir.

This agreement institutionalizes the established framework of cooperation between the two parties, with the aim of implementing a number of measures to enhance access to the capital market, especially by creating programs dedicated to financial education and conducting training courses for the benefit of market participants, as well as other awareness-raising sessions for the benefit of the public and very small and medium-sized companies as well as banking networks.

These measures, developed by the Professional Association of Moroccan Banks and the Moroccan Financial Market Authority in the context of economic recovery efforts, are part of a process geared towards increasing the attractiveness of the capital market by creating a joint program for financial education and facilitating access to finance through the capital market.

For this purpose, a joint committee was formed to follow up on the various agreed upon procedures.

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