The W4I Project Unveils its Results

3 years at the service of the socio-professional integration of sub-Saharan migrants

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After 3 years of implementation, the Work4Integration program concludes with tangible and positive results. Launched in 2018, funded by the European Union and implemented by the Italian organization Soleterre, the project succeeded in establishing and financing 22 startup companies for small collective enterprises in Rabat-Salé-Kenitra and Tangier-Tetouan regions. The concluding event of the project took place on the 18th of December, 2020; which coincides with International Immigrants Day.

  • 22 companies (5 cooperatives and 17 SARL companies) were established and financed in Rabat-Salé-Kenitra and Tangier-Tetouan regions; a number that goes beyond ten startup companies planned to be launched.
  • Over 2000 migrants have been mentored and supported through project centers in Rabat and Tangier.
  • About 1.963.438 MAD (180.000 EURO) was directly paid to beneficiaries in the funds of startup companies.

Work4Integration project has succeeded in supporting talents of young immigrants and embodying their ideas by establishing their companies in various fields of activity: décor, sewing, hairdressing, education, catering, technology, audio-visual services, cleaning.

Support for these startup companies (5 cooperatives and 17 SARL companies) includes training, business development, the study of the market, project execution and financing. It will continue to keep up with post-establishment that lasts for 3 years.

Additionally, Work4Integration has led its incubators to independence, by encouraging them to advertise outside and through the Internet, and by joining new technologies into digital marketing to promote their services and products in order to attract and keep their customers. Furthermore, the project disbursed approximately 1.963.438 MAD (180.000 EURO) directly to the funds of the beneficiaries. Thus, collective startup companies have succeeded in positioning themselves in the local market, recruiting employees and retaining their customers. Most of them submitted their report on annual activities.

Work4Integration was implemented with the help of several partners: Entraide Nationale, ISCOS Marche Onlus, OJA, ODCO, and Maroc PME. The program is coming to an end after achieving results that exceeded expectations and proposing doing more in the future, in positive and comprehensive cooperation for all parties involved.

About Work4Integration:

Work4Integration (W4I), funded by the European Union and implemented by Soleterre, is an initiative launched in 2018 in Rabat with the aim of integrating migrants into a legal status in the Moroccan society through economic and professional integration. The total budget of W4I reached 7.862.994,85 MAD (720.847 EUR) in 3 years; 2/3 of which was issued for activities, communication, and the formation of small entrepreneurs.


Soleterre is a secular, independent, humanitarian, Italian organization. It’s located in various countries, including Morocco since 2003. It works to ensure preserved human rights in “single territories”. It implements different projects and activities for the benefit of parties in vulnerable situations; counting health, psychological, social, educational, and professional ones. It intervenes with peace strategies to facilitate a peaceful resolution for the conflict and emphasize a culture of solidarity.

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