Corona Around the World. US one death every 33 Seconds and 1.5M Infections in Germany

Countries of the world are continuing their precautionary preventive measures to curb corona virus

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The latest statistics on the epidemic showed that infections reached 77.718.154, while the world recorded 1.709.011 deaths on Monday.

The number of people who recovered from the virus reached 54.593.397. Next are the latest statistics of the virus around the world.

15 new infections in China

On Tuesday, National Health Committee in China said that the Chinese mainland has recorded 15 new cases of corona virus, compared with 23 ones the previous day. It is considering tightening measures to prevent the occurrence of a new strain.

In its daily bulletin, the commission said that 13 new cases were coming from abroad, and 2 were reported in Liaoning province.

The total number of covid-19 confirmed cases in China is 86.867, whereas the number of deaths remains unchanged at 4.634.

731 deaths recorded in Germany

Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases in Germany announced, on Tuesday, that the number of new confirmed cases of corona virus has risen to 19.528; bringing the total to 1.530.180.

The institute added that it had recorded 731 deaths resulted from the virus, raising the total number of deaths to 27.006.

One American dies every 33 seconds

Last week, people in the US died of covid-19 every 33 seconds.

The disease took more than 18.000 lives in the last seven days of December 20. Adding 6,7% to the record of the previous week, moving to a higher one.

According to data released by Johns Hopkins University on Monday, the number of people infected with covid-19 in the US has increased since the outbreak crossed the threshold of 18M, of whom more than 319.000 have died.

Decline in daily infections in South Korea

The Korean Centers for Disease Control and prevention stated, on Tuesday, that South Korea recorded 869 new cases of corona virus, down from 1097 on Sunday.

South Korea has managed to keep the infections relatively low during the previous two waves. The third wave is more difficult because of its emergence in the crowded area.

5370 new infections in Mexico

On Monday, Mexican Ministry of Health declared that it has recorded 5370 new cases of corona virus, and 369 deaths; bringing the total number of cases to 1.325.915, and death toll to 188.598.

According to the government, the number of infections is probably much higher than the number announced.

India records the lowest number of daily infections since the 3rd of July

Data from the Indian Ministry of Health, on Tuesday, showed 19.556 new cases of corona virus, the lowest number of daily infections since the 3rd of July.

It said it had recorded 301 deaths in the last 24 hours, reaching 146.111 as a total number of deaths.

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