Egypt: Morocco, a Model in Managing Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign

The Egyptian national newspaper Al-Ahram wrote that Morocco has become one of the global models in the field of managing the Covid-19 crisis as well as the vaccination campaign

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The Egyptian national newspaper Al-Ahram wrote that Morocco has become one of the global models in the field of managing the Covid-19 crisis as well as the vaccination campaign, leading the country to become the first in Africa in terms of the number of individuals benefiting from the vaccination.

The newspaper highlighted, in an article published under the title “Morocco as a Model in Managing Corona Vaccine” that one month after launching the free vaccination campaign against “Covid-19” in Morocco, the number of beneficiaries has exceeded 3 million and 700,000 people, while more than 360,000 people underwent the second phase of vaccination.

The author of the article explained that by recording these important figures, the Kingdom has become one of the global models in the field of vaccination management, noting that Morocco’s success in managing the vaccination campaign is part of its success in managing the sanitary crisis as a whole. She continued, “With the emergence of the first case of the epidemic in the Kingdom, Morocco was one of the first countries to declare a state of emergency, close all land, air, and maritime borders, and announce a comprehensive quarantine to face the pandemic, adding that the decisions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI were so wise that no effort was spared to protect Moroccans.

She pointed out that since the beginning of the pandemic, His Majesty has given instructions for the creation of a special fund, the value of contributions to which has reached more than 34 billion dirhams (approximately 3.5 billion dollars), noting that the King was one of the first contributors to the fund that was allocated to cover the expenses related to rehabilitating health mechanisms and means, supporting the national economy, and mitigating social repercussions of this crisis.

She indicated that Morocco was a pioneer in adopting a treatment protocol that proved its efficiency in facing the pandemic, explaining that thanks to the royal commitment and proactive measures, Morocco was able to avoid the worst in terms of the spread of the virus, and to identify the appropriate vaccines for its sanitary situation by choosing and ordering “AstraZeneca” And “Sinopharm”, even before their issuance, at a time when many other countries have not yet decided their choices.

The newspaper wrote that the Kingdom was able to obtain large quantities of the two vaccines early (amounting to 8 million doses), and for the sake of the success of its national campaign, a vaccination strategy was set up all over the country, where a national warehouse was constructed to store vaccines, and a plan was put into action for receiving, storing and distributing the vaccine in safe conditions.

In this regard, the author stressed that Morocco seeks to protect public health, reduce the social and economic impact of Covid-19 and reduce the number of deaths, in addition to ensuring a coverage rate of about 80% of the population over the age of 18 years.

She concluded that if Morocco’s vaccination campaign continues at the same rate and with the same community involvement, there is a possibility to achieve “herd immunity” by May or next June, according to the Ministry of Health which predicted that “by that time, Moroccan authorities will lift the state of emergency and all other restrictions related to the pandemic, and Moroccans will be able to resume their normal lives after 15 months, which were exceptional by all standards.”

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