Morocco to Utilize Stadiums for Covid-19 Vaccination.

Stadiums are officially being prepared to launch the vaccination process for Covid-19

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The Ministry of Health has ordered its regional and provincial directors to prepare for the largest vaccination process in the history of Morocco for Covid-19.

The Ministry of Health has developed a tight plan to launch the vaccination process next December. The process will officially take place at a stadium in Casablanca. The Ministry of Health will take advantage of large stadiums to vaccinate Moroccans.

The first entities to benefit from the vaccination are health officials, then police and local authorities, and patients suffering from chronic diseases. Moroccan authorities will adopt three types of vaccines for Corona: the first is the Chinese vaccine that has passed all trial stages. Thousand samples of Chinese vaccine are on their way to Morocco after finishing some trials assisted by Moroccan officials.

Morocco is considered one of the first countries in the world to benefit from the Chinese vaccine.

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