RAM adopts New Measures for Flights to France

Travelers heading to France must provide a set of new documents.

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Royal Air Maroc flight company announced that starting from Wednesday, November 11th, travelers heading to France must provide, on check-in, a Covid-19 test certificate which proves that they tested negative. The test results mustn’t date more than 72 hours maximum on check-in day.

Children less than 11 years old are not concerned with providing Covid-19 test results. These new measures are part of France’s latest decision concerning the access to French territories.

In addition to that, all travelers must possess a travel certificate for international travel from abroad to France or for derogatory travel to certain overseas territories (French Guiana, Mayotte, New Caledonia French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna). Travelers must also possess a sworn statement that they do not show any Covid-19 symptoms.

Travelers must provide their certificates and sworn statements to the flight company before boarding and upon arrival.

The official documents can be found here.

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