2 Cov-19 Shots for 25 Million Moroccans

This is how the ministry is going to plan the vaccination of 25 million Moroccans within the span of 3 months.

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The Ministry plans to vaccinate 25 million Moroccans within the span of three months. This means that the process will begin in late December 2020 and finish in late March 2021.

  • The vaccination process goes through 4 stages: each one takes 21 days. Each citizen takes the first shot then after 21 days takes the second one.
  • To vaccinate approximately 80 percent of the population over the age of 18, about 25 million Moroccans.

Each stage is dedicated to a particular category:

  1. The first stage targets 10.234.000 people, 127.000 health officials, 373.000 of the army, police, auxiliary forces, and civil protection, and 9.734.000 people over the age of 45, at a rate of 568.556 doses per day.
  2. The second stage, to give the second shot of the vaccine to people who had got their first shot in the first stage 10.234.000. Then to give the first shot to 7.295.000 people between the ages of 18 and 44 years, that is, in total 17.529.000 at a rate of 973.833 daily shot.
  3. The third stage will enable the 7.295.000 people who got their first shots in the second stage to get their second shot at this stage. In addition to vaccinating the same number and category (7.295.000 between age 18 – 44) with their first shot. So the total number of those targeted in this stage will be 14.590.000 thousand people, at a rate of 810.556 shots per day.
  4. The fourth, final, stage, giving the second shot for the 7.295.000 people who got their first shot in the previous stage at a rate of 405.278 vaccine doses per day.

In order to get the shots, there will be fixed places for citizens to check in, and mobile units that will visit universities and institutes, hospitals, dormitories, university neighborhoods, laboratories, departments, local groups, prisons, residential communities of more than 7 thousand people, military barracks, and charities.

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