Signature of a Memorandum of Understanding between Morocco and Hungary

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Today, Aziz Rabah, Minister of Energy, Minerals, and Environment, and Miklós Erik Tromler, Ambassador of Hungary to the Kingdom of Morocco, presided over the signing ceremony of the Framework agreement between the Ministries of Energy, Minerals, and Environment and Innovation and Technology of Hungary on cooperation in training and education in the nuclear industry on the peaceful use of nuclear power.

This agreement aims to facilitate long-term collaboration between Morocco and Hungary in nuclear scientific and technology applications, as well as education and training, therefore contributing to our country’s economic growth.

The two parties will work closely through this memorandum to establish training and education cooperation programs, particularly in the areas of basic and applied research development, nuclear science and technology, and the legal framework for the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, as well as to develop domestic industrial capacity through commercial cooperation between goods and service providers.

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