First Digital Library Wall installed in Morocco

This is our first Digital Library Wall to be installed in Morocco. We intend to install more at selected public universities in 2021

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A digital library launched for the benefit of Moroccan students, teachers and researchers’ with the indicated purpose of strengthening Morocco-UK cooperation in the academic field, as did Morocco’s participation in the World Forum on Education in London.

Delegate Minister of Higher Education and Scientific research, Director of the British Council in Morocco Mr. Tony Reilly, British Ambassador to Morocco Mr.Simon Martin, President of AUI Dr.Amine Bensaid, Senior AUI Faculty, staff and students virtually participated in the launch ceremony yesterday, Wednesday 16, at the Mohammed VI Library at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane.

Said Amzazi, Minister of Education and Government Spokesman, emphasized the excellent relationship between Morocco and the UK at the launch on 9 June, adding that the higher education and scientific research sector is a driving force behind the exceptional bilateral cooperation between the two kingdoms.

This digital library grant Moroccan students, teachers and researchers free access to the British council’s wide digital collection of cultural and scientific teaching resources and distance learning programs.

British Embassy in Morocco stated that more Digital Libraries are to be installed at selected public universities in 2021, giving the opportunity to access it from home with reachable world-class resources from online study resources to popular eBooks and audiobooks, award winning documentaries, magazines and newspapers, comics and graphics, novels from around the world.

“This is our first Digital Library Wall to be installed in Morocco. We intend to install more at selected public universities in 2021. We hope they will serve as hubs for our continuing efforts to foster a learning environment where creativity and innovation are valued. Under the slogan ‘Like It, Scan It, Read It’ our Digital Library Walls provide a clicks-and-bricks solution to access a uniquely curated range of English-medium resources”

All digital library memberships issued will be free of charge until the end of March 2021.

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