National Campaign for Seasonal Flu Prevention

In a press release by the Ministry of Health, the National Campaign of Flu Prevention launched Today Monday.

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Ministry of Health launches today, Monday, October 2nd, the National Campaign of Flu prevention which is to continue accordingly with the evolution of Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Campaign’s Motto “We don’t all have strong immunity against the Flu.. Let’s get vaccinated and save ourselves and our beloved ones.”

The Campaign targets people with great vulnerability to the flu which may lead to their death. Such as pregnant women, people with chronic diseases (Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetics, Heart Diseases, Chronic Lung Disease…), Senior citizens of 65 years old and above and children less than 5 years old.

The vaccine is strongly recommended also for health officials for the preventive role it plays within their personal and social environment. It also prevents the transmission of flu to their patients within heath establishments.

It’s worth noting that the present vaccine is composed of a quadripartite formula modified annually based on World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations.

Under the exceptional global health situation, the spread of the flu and SARS-COV2 simultaneously is highly probable in Morocco.

The Ministry of Health strongly recommends the importance of the availability of the Vaccine all over Morocco for people with high vulnerability.

The Ministry recommends respecting the Covid-19 preventive measures, general hygiene and social distancing as they help prevent Covid-19 and Flu infections.


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