Donald Trump’s Master Plan

By simply following Trump supporters’ reactions on social media, it appears that most of them are ready for anything to keep him in the White House.

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It has been now two days that Joe Biden was projected to be the 46th president of the United States although Donald Jr Trump has not yet conceded defeat. The later has been quite silent regarding the whole situation with one thing in mind: the election has been rigged. Since the different media outlets have started displaying and confirming Biden as the next POTUS, his opponent has only made two significant tweets (and Facebook posts) on the matter – though, they are both pretending a fraud in the election. “I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!” he wrote on November 7th, 2020 on Twitter and few hours later he wrote that the observers were not allowed into the counting rooms. He even supposed he has won the election with 71,000,000 legal votes. In these conditions, it’s clear that he’s not ready to back down from this and he’s preparing something big on the coming days.

The Supreme Court confirmation

Even though every appeal Donald Trump has made so far ended up being ruled out by states authorities for lack of evidence, it’s obvious that the President is likely gathering more proofs (if any) in order to go to the Supreme Court, the only institution that can actually turn the table in his favour. A similar situation happened after the elections of 2000 which indeed ended up producing different results. Trump is hoping to go to court and have the judges rule out Biden’s votes that are according to him fraudulent or might have been taken from his votes. The battle in the supreme court will be his last stop and he’s confident he will win the election after the verdict from the judges.

It’s important to note that the president has nominated 3 judges in the court and that means things are going to heat up a little bit. Still, without solid evidence, it’s hard to foresee any other outcome out of the allegations Trump has been making since the beginning (even before the election day). Given how calm and relaxed he has been, it will be a mistake to believe that he does not have anything concrete because he knows he will fail (again) in the Supreme court if he brings unacceptable evidence. In events he still does not have such proofs, it’s possible that he’s trying to find another way to give up the chase and accept his lost. Since he has already supposed that election has been stolen, it’s going to be hard for him to pretend the opposite, for the sake of his supporters and his dignity. However, that’s what will likely happen.

A nation towards autocracy or even worse

By simply following Trump supporters’ reactions on social media, it appears that most of them are ready for anything to keep him in the White House. Facebook has been taking down groups of the supporters where calls for violent reactions are often made. The worst-case scenario that can come out of this already divided nation is a civil war first. It’s too premature and possibly phantasmagorical to even pretend this will happen but many non-negligible roads can lead to a series of violent encounters between both sides. In case Trump does not win the court’s appeal, it’s possible his supporters will still choose him anyway as stated by this conservative here. If that happens, the US will be leading to an autocracy with a self-proclaimed president – really one that doesn’t want to back down. But of course, on January Trump will be literally forced to leave the White House if the Court confirm Biden Presidency. Still, some will continue to refuse Biden as the president rightfully seated.

On the other hand, if the election results are flipped in favour of Trump by the Court, there is ultimately going to be an unavoidable flounce throughout the country from Biden supporters and Trump will be this time accused of power abuse and possibly a coup he has prepared way before the election day. By the look of it, Trump seemed to have been aware of his defeat before the vote and the Supreme Court move has been prepared as a backup plan.

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