African Lion 2021: Morocco Opposes Spain’s Participation In Military Maneuvers

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Spanish officials continue to spread misinformation regarding the crisis between Morocco and Spain following the reception of Polisario leader. In consequence, Spanish authorities stated that Spain has decided not to participate in the African Lion 2021 maneuvers which will take place from June 7 to 18 in Morocco, Tunisia and Senegal.

The version leaked to Spanish newspaper “El Pais” tries to explain that Spain wants, by boycotting these strategic maneuvers, to prevent its participation from being considered as “Spain’s blessing” of “the annexation of Sahara by Morocco”, knowing that these maneuvers, which Spain has never missed since their beginning, will take place this year, in the Moroccan part, in the regions of Dakhla and Mahbes, in the heart of the Sahara.

According to defence members, it was indeed Morocco which opposed Spain’s participation in the African Lion exercise.

The reason is that, for Morocco, there is no need to give the impression that relations will resume normally between the two countries before the case of Brahim Ghali is resolved.

It should be recalled that Moroccan officials had already alluded to a possible “freeze” in security cooperation with Spain; this could have unfortunate repercussions not only on the northern neighbor, but on all of Europe.

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