Al Tamek responds Firmly to the US state spokesman: Are victims of sexual abuse in America superior to Moroccan victims?

In regards to the controversy sparked by the statements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative on El Rissouni’s trial, a group of jurists and interested parties defended the Moroccan judiciary’s position on the grounds that the statements did not include listening to the victims, and thus the judgement was viewed from one perspective to another.
In the same context, as Al Tamek, the Representative-General of the General Prison Office, he wrote to represent his dissatisfaction with these statements in a letter signed as a Moroccan citizen and former diplomat.
As Al Tamek said “As a former Moroccan citizen and diplomat, I cannot fail to express my great displeasure and shock at the insulting statement made by the spokesman of the United States Department of State concerning Moroccan justice and freedom of expression, and at the fact that this statement has touched upon my dignity and the dignity of all Moroccans.”
Adding, “What gives you the right to dare poke your nose into a purely Moroccan criminal case involving a Moroccan citizen whose name has been bothered to spell out, and who goes so far as to give sermons and lessons to Moroccans? ” How can you be tempted to judge what is identical or contradictory to the Moroccan Constitution?”
“How dare you distinguish between Moroccans and detract from the value of others, as in the case of the victims, Adam and Hafsa?” he continued. Are sexually abused Americans, male or female, superior and more human than their Moroccan counterparts? Why is there so much focus on these long-running cases in the courts and in the media? How many articles have these journalists written and investigated? “
What is the secret of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ concern not to bring up what is currently going on in Algeria or what has recently happened in South Africa?” Al Tamek added, “Why is there so much focus on Morocco at the moment?” Isn’t this the obvious and unjustified bias of a small group of Islamic extremists and leftists whose sole purpose is to cause confusion and uproar at the expense of the vast majority of people?
Finally, Al Tamek concluded that, “In the light of these outstanding questions, I would like to express my deep concern about the position taken by the spokesman of the United States Department of State and sincerely hope that his statement will be a nascent note, otherwise his risk does not bode well for the future of American-Moroccan relationships”.

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