Algerians Left Hanging in the Air

The long absence of the Algerian president due to his Covid-19 infection left Algerians hanging in the Air.

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The long absence of the Algerian president Abdelmajid Tebboune due to his infection by Corona virus brought back to the Algerian people the memory of the former president Bouteflika. They are very worried about the situation of their country, especially under the circumstances of the global pandemic.

The 75-year-old Algerian president who is known to be a heavy smoker was transferred for treatment in Germany on October 28, while the virus continues to spread and the country’s borders have been closed since March 17.

His absence was prominent on the first of November, during the referendum on amending the constitution, which is one of his major projects, and which witnessed the lowest participation rate in the history of the polls in the country.

Economically, the absence of the president is ill-timed, since Algeria is now according to Anthony Skinner, North Africa and Middle East Officer at Verisk Maplecroft, a risk and strategy consultancy, is waiting for the oil and gas investors to adopt the provisions of the hydrocarbons law, which will add flexibility to its judicial and tax system.

Administratively, the 2021 finance bill was passed by parliament on Tuesday, November 17th, the only thing missing is the president’s signature.

The silence of the government made the situation even more complicated, many Algerian people expressed their concern and they are waiting for their questions to be answered; when will their president be back? Who is taking over his position in his absence? For how long he might stay absent? And many other questions that the government didn’t show any interests in answering which made it lose the trust of the Algerian people.

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