Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union Condemns European Parliament Resolution On Morocco

The Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (AIPU) expressed its rejection and denunciation of the resolution issued by the European Parliament on Morocco, stressing that it “ignores the origins of diplomatic relations and parliamentary norms between countries, which must always be based on the principle of dialogue, understanding, common interests and mutual respect.”

The Parliamentary Union noted in a communiqué that such decisions, based on unevidenced accusations would increase tension and undermine the foundations of partnership and strategic understanding between Arab countries and EU countries.

The communiqué also called on the European Parliament to take into consideration the concrete and unremitting efforts made by the Kingdom of Morocco in combating terrorism, illegal immigration and human trafficking.

Moreover, the AIPU stressed that ignoring these efforts “will lead to counterproductive results that will harm the existing relations between Morocco and the countries of the European Union, in addition to encouraging unjustified interference in the affairs of independent sovereign states and their bilateral relations and promoting a policy of antagonizing Arab countries, instead of solving bilateral crises between countries by political means and diplomacy.”

In this regard, the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union expressed its full support for the Kingdom and all the measures is takes to confront this unjustified resolution and false accusations, expressing also its support for “the steps taken by Morocco to lay the foundations of security, stability and prosperity and everything that serves its proud people and preserves its sovereignty, independence and Arab and regional role.”

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