Bahrain’s Consulate in Laayoun is no Surprise

Bourita's word on the occasion of the inauguration of Bahrain's consulate in Laayoun.

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Nasser Bourita described the visit of Bahrain’s Foreign Minister as a historic business visit for the first time to Morocco. This visit comes to put into action the content of His Majesty King Mohammed VI phone call with Trump over the recognition of Moroccan Sahara. Today, Bourita, describes the inauguration as the implementation of HM’s instructions.

He added that the relations of Morocco and Bahrain are characterized by true brotherly love, cooperation, solidarity and clarity.

Bahrain is the second Arab country to open consulate in south of Morocco.

Bourita considers Bahrain’s decision to be unsurprising at all because Morocco witnesses Bahrain’s support all the time as it is an ally which stands by Morocco in every occasion.

This support is the embodiment of Bahrain’s recognition of Morocco’s territorial integrity.

Bourita took the chance to mention that Bahrain is always the first Arab country to show support to Morocco in all international events.

He also added that Morocco on its part, stands by Bahrain as well in all events. Morocco is concerned with everything that implicates Bahrain.

Bourita believes that Morocco’s cooperation with Bahrain is not just a slogan but it is a realistic one manifested in real life events.

He also expressed Morocco’s stand with Bahrain over the Iranian issue being totally against it.

Bourita also expressed that the opening of the consulate coincides with Bahrain’s National Day. He also expressed how Arabs are proud of what Bahrain has achieved globally. This event also coincides with USA recognition of Moroccan Sahara during the previous phone call between HM King Mohammed VI and Trump. It also coincides with the Moroccan Map Signature by the US Ambassador to Morocco. It also coincides with the events of Guerguerat blockade and how Bahrain was among the first countries to support Morocco via a phone call.

These sets of events make the opening of the consulate of Bahrain an event of paramount importance and Bahrain fully shares Morocco’s joy over its achievements.

Bourita also mentioned that 20 consulates form all over the world have been opened in south Morocco from Africa, America and Asia. This only proves that the solution is only through Moroccan sovereignty over its territories. This couldn’t have been achieved without the true love between the two kings and the two peoples of Bahrain and Morocco.

On his part, Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, Bahrain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, expressed the depth of brotherly relations between the two countries. He reiterated his will to deepen the bilateral collaboration in different fields to put into action HM King Mohammed VI instructions. He also expressed how proud he is to be in the old city of Laayoune with FM Bourita to inaugurate the consulate general of Bahrain.

He also mentioned how Morocco’s hospitality is unsurprising.

He also talked about the wise decision of Bahrain’s King HM Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa to open consulate general in Laayoun as it represents a historic step which reflects Bahrain’s support of Morocco’s territorial sovereignty and unity of its land.

He further expressed Bahrain’s will to develop bilateral cooperation between the two countries and peoples and strengthen their ties.

Bahrain’s FM welcomed the decision of US opening embassy in Dakhla and views it as an important step of recognition and support for Moroccan Sahara.

He also moved to talk about Morocco’s normalization of relations with Israel and its role in establishing peace and promoting business in the area.

He reiterated that Bahrain’s stand on the Palestinian issue remains unchanged the same as Morocco’s stand. He expressed how Morocco and Bahrain work together to establish peace in the area and how they both support Palestinians to establish their state under the Capital of Al Quds.


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