Bourita: What Happened At Occupied Ceuta Gate Was The Result Of Spanish Police Inaction

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Bourita criticized what Spanish media propagates against Morocco, pointing out that “the talk about the weakness of development in the Kingdom betrays old perceptions of the northern neighbor. Morocco has achieved steady growth rates despite the crisis”, and demanded that the Spanish government “be transparent about Spanish public opinion.”

The Spanish news agency EFE also quoted Bourita as saying: “What happened at the occupied Ceuta Gate was the result of the Moroccan forces’ fatigue after Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr celebrations, as well as the inaction of Spanish police.”

“Europe does not give us even 20% of the amount we spend fighting illegal immigration”, Bourita said, adding, “Last year, European aid was estimated at less than a hundred million euros, but the truth is that the security system around Ceuta is assumed to be 99% for Morocco and 1 % To Spain, and this is the real cost of good-neighbourly relations.”

In the same context, Bourita recalled that Karima Benyaich, the Kingdom’s ambassador to Spain, who was summoned by Morocco, “will not return as long as the causes of the crisis continue, which is the entry of the leader of the Polisario Front into Spanish territory under conditions that do not befit the rule of law, and his failure to appear before the Spanish judiciary.”

It is noted that Spanish Foreign Ministry had previously accused Morocco of what it described as “hostility and compromise”, in reference to what it considered “turning a blind eye” to the crossing of migrants.

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