Brahim Ghali and 4 Other Polisario Leaders To Appear Before Spanish Court

Ibrahim Ghali, who is currently in a hospital in Logroño, Spain, was summoned to appear before Spanish justice, tomorrow, May 5th, in a case related to kidnapping and torture.

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Polisario leader Ibrahim Ghali will appear tomorrow, Wednesday, May 5th, before the Spanish court, to be interrogated in the context of investigations into several crimes he committed against a number of Tindouf detainees.

In addition to Ibrahim Ghali, 4 other leaders of the separatist front will appear before court. They are: Sidahmed El Bellal Hedda, commonly known as Al-Batal, Bachir Sayed, Mohamed El Khalil, and Mohamed Salec Abdesamad, aka Boulsane.

Spanish media reported that judicial sources in Madrid confirmed that summoning Ibrahim Ghali to appear before the Spanish court follows a complaint submitted by rights activist Fadel Barika.

Barika accuses Ghali of being responsible for his kidnapping during the period from June 18th, 2009 to November 10th of the same year.

In one of his statements, Barika said, “I have been kidnapped for nearly five months and tortured in the prisons of the Tindouf camps for the simple reason that I demanded the disclosure of what happened to Ahmed Khaled, who was kidnapped by the Algerian intelligence services in January 2009”.

“I have also condemned on social media the recruitment of children by the Polisario Front and the acts of violence committed by its leaders” Barika added, noting that “through this complaint and the appearance of ‘this criminal’ and other Polisario leaders before court, I demand justice for all victims of Polisario atrocities”.

Brahim Ghali, who entered Spain using a fake Algerian passport and forged papers, was the subject of several complaints in Spain on charges of kidnapping, detention, rape and torture.

It should be recalled that, in 2008, an arrest warrant was issued against Ibrahim Ghali. In 2013, he was indicted by Spanish justice.

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