Fouad Yazourh: A Transparent Investigation Is Required To Shed More Light On The Case Of Brahim Ghali

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The Ambassador Director General of Bilateral Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Fouad Yazourh, called, Saturday, for a transparent investigation to shed light on the case of Brahim Ghali.

“An investigation which we hope to be transparent should be carried out to shed all the light on this case”, said Yazourh in a press statement, stressing that this investigation “risks revealing many surprises, in particular the complicity and the interference of four generals from a Maghreb country”.

“This information seems to surprise you, even shocking to Spanish public opinion, but don’t be surprised. As you know, Moroccan services are among the best in performance”, said the official, stressing that more elements will be released in due course.

In this context, he recalled that when Morocco revealed on April 19th that Ghali was in Spain, many, including media and authorities, questioned this information, before confirming it 24 hours later.

In addition, Yazourh indicated that beyond the damage caused to the Morocco-Spain partnership, Ghali’s case first shows that Spain has made a choice between, on the one hand, its citizens, victims of heinous crimes and, on the other, a criminal responsible for the death of dozens of Spaniards in addition to rape, torture and kidnapping.

Indeed, he continued, Spain must first explain to its people, before explaining to Morocco the conditions, circumstances and complicity that led to the fraudulent entry of this person into Spanish territory with forged documents and a usurped identity.

“The Spaniards have the right to know, especially since Spanish authorities and politicians know that he is standing trial by Spanish citizens, in Spanish courts and for crimes partly committed in Spain”, added Yazourh in an insisting tone.

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