Investment in Solar Energy has turned Morocco into a Regional Power in Africa

The international organization "The Borgen Project", specialized in environmental affairs has indicated in a recent report that “Morocco has turned into a great energy producer"

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Between 2018-2019, Morocco has become a strong hub in renewable energy, exporting more energy by 670% , and reducing imports by 93.5%.

This superiority is attributed to the building of the largest concentrated solar power farm in the world. “Noor Complex” has the capability to power one million homes, and significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels.

The international organization “The Borgen Project”, specialized in environmental affairs has indicated in a recent report that “Morocco has turned into a great energy producer”. In the past, Morocco used to have 97% of its energy from fuel. However, solar energy farms are able to balance the energy use in the country, reduce imports, and create opportunities for more exports; thus, ensuring energy self-sufficient state.

“Reducing energy consumption has saved funds in energy costs”, said Veronica Booth, the writer of the report. In 2018, the Moroccan government decided to move to the GMT+1 time zone, which has resulted in less electricity consumption by citizens. This shift allows for an increase in energy production and afford its export.

The advantages of solar energy in Morocco expand to multiple fields, creating a positive impact not only for Morocco, but for the entire African continent.
The organization of “Burgen project” explained that “the degree of poverty in Morocco have witnessed a remarkable decrease; as a result, the differences between rural and urban areas are no longer highly varying.”

Veronica Booth, emphasized “this disparity between regions is often ascribed to the difficulty in distributing energy, especially at the rural areas.” The fact that Morocco is investing in the solar energy, will help it to be able to distribute energy to the population living outside the urban areas.

In 2016, the poverty rate in Morocco decreased to 23%, compared to 45% in 2014, with the increase in dependence on solar energy, making household electrification easier and less expensive. Also, solar energy farms that have been accomplished throughout the whole country have created job opportunities.

Solar energy has helped the kingdom to be less dependent on energy imports and could export more of energy which supports the national economy and relations with other countries.

The report stressed that “the strength of the Moroccan economy has improved remarkably, the country is looking forward to establishing relations with European countries. In 2016, Morocco has launched the construction of the Moroccan-Nigerian gas pipeline project. This project would perfectly position Morocco as an energy hub in the Mediterranean region and between the continents of Africa and Europe.”

The same source considered that these economic ties with other countries allow Morocco to reach flourishing markets and create new business opportunities. Consequently, Morocco has become a political force on its continent Africa which is currently experiencing a leadership vacuum that Morocco is expected to fulfill. Given that it produces more energy and has established strong ties with European countries, Morocco is seen as a country committed to its economic and political relations.

The Kingdom of Morocco is considered a model for other countries in being self sufficient in Africa and has gained economic credibility with other countries.

Morocco has invested 85% of its funds in other African countries, in an effort to confirm its leadership role in this continent as well as improve the economies of some less developed African countries.

The organization further stated that His Majesty king of Morocco “King Mohammed VI has confidence in the capabilities of the continent and hopes to lead Africa to success. He also made Morocco the second largest investor in the African continent”.

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