Istiqlal Party: Mass Speech Festival in Laayoun

Istiqlal Party in Laayoune organizes a mass speech festival acknowledging the U.S recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over western Sahara

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On Saturday, Istiqlal party organized a mass speech festival in Al-Mashour Square in Laayoune, the largest city in the southern provinces. Hamdi Ould Rachid, coordinator of the three southern parties and member of the executive party, headed the speech on the back of the recent decision of the U.S in its historic recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara, as well as the diplomatic gains made by state institutions in various categories led by HM King Mohamed VI.

Ould Rachid praised the efforts and decisions recently taken in the kingdom’s territorial integrity, such as the peaceful and professional intervention of the Royal Armed Forces in the incident of Guergarat to stop the provocations of Polisario Front and Algeria, and open the diplomatic bodies (consulates general) in Laayoune and Dakhla. The latter, which will know the opening of a U.S consulate, is carrying out economic and investive tasks in the region.

During this festival, which Hundreds of people attended, Hamdi Ould Rachid highlighted the failure and the defeats Algeria received at all levels causing the suffering of Polisario and the inhabitants of Tindouf Camps to increase. Adding that they have the project of autonomy that will ensure development, stability, and human dignity. It will also end the division within the full sovereignty of the Kingdom and meet the aspirations of citizens in all fields.

He added that the decision of the U.S to recognize the Moroccan Sahara and open consulates as well as that in Dakhla will lead the general international regular and influential countries to open diplomatic bodies in Laayoune and Dakhla, and bring foreign investments to the latter; ready with its qualifications and infrastructures that keep pace with the efforts of the state and the file at all levels, along with major investment and economic projects.

Hamdi Ould Rachid thanked His Majesty King Mohamed VI for leading the accelerated events in the file of the kingdom’s territorial unity. Adding that His Majesty’s rational policy, which we all reap, is capable of ending the suffering of families and citizens related to Tindouf camps for more than 45 years.




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