Minister of the Interior announces that the National independents Rally Party Spearheaded the professional elections

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The Minister of Interior, AbdelOuafi Laftit, announced the National Rally of independents (RN) party’s lead in the professional elections held yesterday, with 683 seats and 28.6 percent.
Abdelouafi Laftit announced at a press conference at the Ministry of the Interior headquarters that the results for the peasant chambers had been announced by the voting offices and central offices, as well as the provisional results for the Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Services and the Chambers of Industry and Fishing.
Therefore, The Minister of the Interior affirmed that the Independence Party came in second place with 360 seats, followed by the Party of Authenticity and Modernity with 363 seats, and the Popular Movement with 160 seats in these elections.
The Socialist Union Party received 146 votes, followed by the Constitutional Union Party, which received 90 votes, the Progress and Socialism Party, which received 82 votes, and the Justice and Development Party, which received 82 votes.
The results of the elections for the professional chambers, according to the Minister of the Interior are as following:
Party of the national rally of independents 638 Party of Authenticity and Modernity 363 Independence Party 360
Socialist Federation of the People’s Forces 146 Justice and Development Party 49 Constitutional Union 90
Popular Movement 160
Progress and socialism 82
The remaining parties (23 parties) 71 Independent regulations 241

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