NATO Summit 2021: Joe Biden, Pedro Sanchez… A Less-Than-One-Minute Conversation

Spanish news reports revealed that US President Joe Biden met Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez for one minute in an informal meeting.

Biden and Sanchez appeared side by side for one minute, while walking through the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization “NATO”, where they exchanged a small conversation of 45 seconds only.

The quick meeting between Joe Biden and Pedro Sanchez is the first of its kind after Joe Biden assumed the US presidency, as he avoided meeting or talking to Sanchez by phone.

The Spanish newspaper ABC confirmed that officials in the Spanish delegation did not talk about the existence of any other meeting between the two leaders, while the official agenda of the US President during the NATO summit that will be held this Monday in Brussels will not witness any meeting between Biden and Sanchez, according to what the White House revealed on its official website.

Spanish news reports also revealed, according to diplomatic sources, that there have been Spanish efforts to request American mediation to resolve the crisis with Morocco and prevent it from reaching a more dangerous stage, especially after Spain’s attempts to drag the European Parliament into it.

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