Palestine Stabs Morocco in the Back

Has the Palestinian Authority stabbed Morocco in its back after decades of Kingdom support?

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At a time when Morocco offers its full support and attention to the Palestinian people and Government, defend their cause unconditionally on every occasion. A shocking photo of the Palestinian Ambassador to Algeria carrying the symbolic “cloth” of separatist “Polisario” Front was the last drop that made the cup run over. It triggered an enormous controversy on Moroccan social media platforms and exposed the secrecy of Palestinian Authority’s support for the “Polisario,” and the uncertainty that characterizes its stance on the issue of the Moroccan Sahara.

Statements by the Palestinian ambassadors in Rabat and Algeria show the volatility of the Palestinian diplomatic position on Moroccan Sahara conflict, and even gives the impression of contradiction between its attitude toward Moroccans and its counterpart to Algerians; through a voice-documented dialog before denying its contents later, it declares publicly its support to Moroccan Sahara. Then, it embraces the separatist’s argument and explicitly called for “holding of a referendum”

The Palestinian Embassy in Rabat announced statement that the official position of the Palestinian leadership is constant and supports Morocco’s territorial integrity, is what supports the uncertainty of the Palestinian Authority’s positions and its approach to the strategy of playing on both sides, which on the other hand, opposes Amin Makboul, the Palestinian Ambassador to Algeria, statement in an interview held by “Al Wassat” journal of Algerian Generals, “the official position of the Palestinian Authority on the conflict between Morocco and the Sahara is issued only by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”.

The Palestinian Authority’s blurred positions on the Moroccan case and the secret ties between the Authority and separatist “Polisario” are also confirmed in history. Although the two sides, Palestine and separatist “Polisario”, have no formal relationships, they are reasonably sympathetic because of their shared “struggles”.

George Habash, one of the leaders of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, met Ibrahim Ghali in 1979, chief of separatist “Polisario”, both sharing similar methods, including guerrilla warfare against both Israel and Morocco. Habash expressed his total solidarity with the entities of the separatist movement.

In recent years, communications and meetings between Palestinians and separatists have increased, going from secret to open, and emerging in the form of inconsistent and deceptive comments by diplomatic officials of the Palestinian Authority, leading to the formation of the ‘Palestinian Committee for Solidarity with the Sahrawi People,’ led by Mohammed Ahmed Madi. Deputy Secretary General of the Campaign of the Palestinian National Alliance and former leader of the Populist Camp for Palestine’s liberation.

The Palestinian youth issued a statement at the end of last week condemning what it’s called the illegal Moroccan occupation of Sahara.

On the other part, the international community shows its full support and sympathy with the Moroccan case. Many African, Arab and European countries have shown full support to Morocco. They have opened different consulates in southern parts of Morocco as a sign of support and collaboration.


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