Sahara: M’Jid El Guerrab in Favor of Opening a French Consulate in Dakhla

“We will have to find a formula, to allow French nationals who live in the south of Morocco to be able to have access to the entire French administration.”

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M’Jid El Guerrab, member of the Agir Ensemble parliamentary group (holder of presidential majority), said he was in favor of opening a French consulate in Dakhla.

During an interview on Monday with MAP, the MP said that the opening of a consulate lies within the responsibility of French diplomatic authorities. However, and as a representative of the legislative power and the French people, El Guerrab openly expressed his support for the opening of a French representation in Dakhla.

“There are French people in the South of Morocco, in Dakhla in particular, who have only one desire, which is for France to open a Consulate that will facilitate all administrative procedures and prevent them from traveling to Agadir ”, confirmed the MP.

According to him, “it would indeed be necessary to think about a diplomatic branch, a consulate or at least an honorary consulate”. He also added that there must be strategy to allow French people who live in the southern Morocco to be able to have access to the entire French administration to perform all kinds of procedures relating to civil status such as obtaining passports and identity cards, getting married…etc.

El Guerrab seized the opportunity to praise the “formidable” work of Moroccan diplomacy, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, regarding the Saharan matter, and congratulated Morocco’s recent victories, especially rejoining the African Union.

In conclusion, the MP insisted that “France was the first country to recognize and support the Moroccan Sahara Autonomy Plan in 2007”, affirming that this support is a form of recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara.

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