The Moroccan Kingdom: A Vision for the Future By Karim Medrek, Moroccan Ambassador to Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific States

The Ambassador, H.E Mr Karim Medrek, noted in a speech on the occasion that Throne Day is an opportunity to renew the pledge of allegiance that has embodied the Kingdom of Morocco throughout history.

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MOn Friday, July 30th, the Moroccan Embassy in Australia commemorated the 22nd anniversary of His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s enthronement.

The Ambassador, H.E Mr Karim Medrek, noted in a speech on the occasion that Throne Day is an opportunity to renew the pledge of allegiance that has embodied the Kingdom of Morocco throughout history, as well as the strong ties that unite the Moroccan people with their monarch as the commander of the faithful (Amir El Mu’minin) and the symbol of unity.

Full speech:

We are celebrating, today the 30th of July the Throne Day, which commemorates the 22nd anniversary of the accession of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him, to the Throne of His glorious ancestors.

The celebration of Throne Day is an occasion to renew the pledge of allegiance that has embodied the Kingdom of Morocco throughout history and the strong ties that unite the Moroccan people with their monarch as the commander of the faithful.

This occasion coincides with the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Commonwealth of Australia.

We are living in an unprecedented moment where uncertainty becomes the rule. As we are facing, since March 2020, a multidimensional crisis, Leaders have been obliged to re-adjust their policies in order to overcome the challenges that this crisis has allowed to identify.

It is in such times when the real leaders appear and transmit somehow a positive energy despite all the difficulties. The management of the pandemic has proven Morocco’s robustness, rapidity and innovative capacities.

Morocco’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been guided, by the Royal Vision, which is based on the pillars of anticipation, pro-activity and the primacy of the citizen’s health.

The Kingdom has taken wise precautionary measures since the appearance of the Pandemic. These measures have been taken at an early stage in comparison with our neighborhood.

In terms of vaccination, Morocco has fully vaccinated more than 10 million beneficiaries, which represent 30% of the total population.

To reach its medical autonomy, the Kingdom has signed Agreements with two giant pharmaceutical leader companies to produce COVID 19 Vaccines for its self-sufficiency and for the African continent needs, in conformity with its principles of empathy, solidarity and responsibility.

Morocco has considered, indeed, this crisis as a revelation of the necessary systemic transformations and a driver for change despite all the difficulties posed by the pandemic.

Through this period of doubt, Morocco established an exhaustive inventory, by measuring its strengths and weaknesses and by identifying the challenges. During these past two decades, Morocco has made of human and social development, equality and social justice for the benefit of all Moroccans, its main priority.

The Kingdom has accelerated social projects, including those of the generalization of social coverage, family allowances, the compensation for job loss as well as the pension systems.

In its culture and history, Morocco has always succeeded to mix between the continuity and the change, the modernity and the tradition as well as between the respect of its past and the requirements of the future.

His Majesty King Mohammed VI has highlighted that the effects of the progress need to benefit to all segments of the Moroccan society. It was essential to rethink the development model and to put it in line with the evolutions witnessed by the Kingdom.

In this regard, a Special Commission for the Development Model has been set up to accelerate the transition towards a new model of development which will reinforce the human capital, a lever for the equality of chances & a crucial vector for the competitiveness of the country.

In its diplomacy, Morocco has always adopted an approach of sharing, interaction and dialogue that prevails in all its relations. Based on its doctrine, the Morocco has multiplied and diversified its partnerships of cooperation. The Kingdom has developed a credible and transparent “diplomacy”, acting in favor of the stability and security of the region and our continent.

I would like to seize this glorious occasion which coincides with the 45th anniversary of the establishment of relations between Morocco and Australia to reiterate that both countries despite the geographical distance are enjoying an unprecedented momentum of cooperation.

This celebration comes at a special moment of our bilateral relationship which has reached a high level of maturity. The political determination shown through the last four decades and half, in addition to the dynamic momentum of cooperation between the two countries, notably since the opening of the Australian Embassy in Rabat in 2017 can be a driver to expand cooperation in many unexplored domains.

In fact, this 45th anniversary is an occasion to reflect on ways to improve this successful partnership, as Morocco sees in Australia a reliable and a credible partner.

My task is to widen our relations, guarantee a long-term commitment, open up new opportunities for cooperation and improve common understanding between Moroccans and Australians.

There are significant opportunities to expand Australia’s trade and investment, mainly in Agriculture, Agro-Business industry, Mining, oil and gas, Water management, infrastructure, health and Education.

Beyond their bilateral ties, Morocco and Australia are on the same page on various regional and international issues, playing equally leading economic roles in their respective regions.

They have been deploying efforts on the multilateral level to fulfill a rules-based international order through significant actions and initiatives, bringing responses to a number of global issues of common interest. Morocco and Australia are known for their advocacy for an efficient multilateral system, especially in current times of the COVID-19.

There is, also, a regional context to our relationship. Australia knows that it can rely on the experience of Morocco in order to address many global issues.

Despite all the challenges it may face, the Moroccan-Australian relation keeps on moving forward and in the right direction.

Let me conclude by wishing that the everlasting friendship will further grow between Morocco and Australia, bringing more peace, prosperity and happiness to the people of both countries!

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