Unprecedented Total Support for Morocco’s Case

The Moroccan Sahara and the liberation of the Guerguerat crossing, a historic Arab and Islamic Support

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Algeria puts itself to shame after dozens of Arab and Islamic countries declared their support for the Moroccan Sahara and for the intervention of the Royal Armed Forces to release the Guerguerat crossing from the separatist “Polisario” militia.

In support of steps taken by the Kingdom of Morocco in the buffer region of Guerguerat in the Moroccan Sahara the Organization for Muslim Cooperation, which comprises 57 nations, has declared that it would guarantee civil and commercial freedom of movement.

In all its efforts to protect its national interests, dignity, and stability, the Arab Parliament’s Chairman, Adel bin Abdel Rahman Al-Asoumi, has shown its unity and full stand with the Kingdom of Morocco.

The Gulf Countries were the first to announce their solidarity with the Kingdom of Morocco and to reject the provocations of the separatist “Polisario” front, because they each expressed separate declarations of their utter solidarity with Morocco, including those from the Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia.

Implying the steps taken by the kingdom of Morocco to ensure a natural and unrestricted movement of goods and individuals in the Guerguerat region, the Secretary-General of the Cooperation Council on the Gulf Arab States expressed the support of the GCC.

In all the measures taken to protect their national interests, territorial integrity, and defense against separatist Polisario’s maneuvers, Jordan and Yemen have announced their full stand with Morocco.

Egypt has requested that the parties concerned, by referring to the Polisario blocking the Guerguerat crossing, exercise restraint and comply with the resolutions of the Security Council, and ceasefire, and avoid any provocative steps and acts that damage economic interests and trade in this area.

The African Union, which used to be pro-polisario before the return of Morocco to the Union, stood neutral with developments in the conflict in Sahara; an unprecedented change in views that used to support the claims of Algeria and South Africa.

The President of the Committee of the African Union expressed in a declaration his concern following the deterioration in the Sahara, particularly in the buffer zone of Guerguerat and threats linked to a ceasefire violation.

Moussa Faki, Chairman of the African Commission, reiterated Morocco’s strong view that the solution to this war cannot go beyond the UN’s structure, amid pressure from Algeria and South Africa for the African Union to be major parties to settle the conflict in the Sahara.

This was accomplished by the declaration by the African Union that it was ready to ‘strengthen the United Nations’ effort to find a fair and appropriate diplomatic settlement for the parties to this dispute.’

Algeria alone condemned the Moroccan interference with the continued Neutrality of the Mauritanian Position, which some consider being nonsensical after all the harm done to the economy of Nouakchott with this Arab and Islamic support for the Moroccan Sahara and the release of the Guerguerat Crossing.

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