Zaragoza Court Judge Calls On Spanish Army To Reveal Who Allowed Ghali To Enter Spain Under A False Identity

A judge at the Zaragoza court called on the Spanish army to reveal who allowed Brahim Ghali, leader of the separatist Polisario Front, to enter Spanish territory with falsified documents.

Spanish daily “ABC” indicated that the Head of the 7th investigating court in Zaragoza, Rafael Lasala, demanded to reveal, in writing, the authority that allowed the landing of the plane on which Brahim Ghali arrived in Spain, and whether the military official who allowed this did so “by order or a prior indication from one or many authorities”.

The daily indicated that the judge wants to know in detail, the chain of command, civilian and military, that intervened in a case that, according to “ABC” deeply affected the Sanchez government and caused a serious diplomatic crisis with Morocco.

The judge’s request, ABC adds, comes after the defense refused to provide the Guardia Civil with the identity with which Ghali and his companions entered Spain, while Rafael Lassala received a report from the Guardia Civil stating that the plane that transported Ghali landed at the Zaragoza air base and not at the airport.

The same reports confirmed that the military authorities informed the Spanish Civil Guard that the arrivals were diplomats without specifying their identities, which allowed them to enter without being checked.

The issue of Brahim Ghali’s entry into Spanish soil with a false identity and without informing Moroccan authorities created a major crisis between Madrid and Rabat, which amounted to the summoning of ambassadors, while Morocco believes that the crisis went beyond merely receiving the separatist leader to losing trust between the two neighbouring countries.

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