Abdelouahab Belfqih’s death was not the consequence of a criminal act

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The case of Abdelouahab Belfqih’s death from a gunshot wound at his home has been closed, according to the King’s Attorney General at the Guelmim Court of Appeal, because the occurrence was not related to a criminal conduct.

The results of the ordered investigation, during which members of the deceased’s family and domestic workers were interviewed, as well as the autopsy and ballistic expertise performed on the weapon seized at the scene of the incident, as well as the genetic expertise on the samples, were released in a statement by the King’s Attorney General in order to enlighten public opinion.

Members of his relatives entered the room after hearing a gunshot and found the deceased lying on his back with blood flowing from his stomach and a shotgun by his side.

According to the same source, the investigation found that members of his family confirmed that the dead was still alive when they visited his room, despite his request that they not do so. Transfer to hospital, despite the fact that house guards had seen no odd movement the day before the incident and that no outsiders had entered the house.

The report of the autopsy carried out by the medical examiner showed that the death was due to a gunshot with the absence of external traces of shrapnel from the gunshot surrounding the wound, the same source explained.

The Institute of Forensic Sciences’ ballistic expertise revealed that the shot that hit the victim came from a hunting rifle that turned out to be his, and that analysis of samples taken from his hands revealed the presence of particles of shot residue (Barium, Antimony), as well as traces of the deceased’s blood on the nozzle of the welder.

The prosecution continues, “The DNA retrieved from the samples found on the front and nozzle of the rifle, the traces of blood found at the scene of the incident and on the Abdelouahab Belfqih’s clothes, as well as on the bullet wound is identical to the deceased’s genetic fingerprint.”Following an examination of the findings of the investigation and expert opinions on the issue, which found that the dead committed suicide by shooting, the case was closed because the death was not the consequence of a criminal act, according to the press release.

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