Amzazi inaugurates Communal School of Ras Laksar in Guercif

The East's regional directorate of the Ministry of education announced the inauguration of the Communal School of Ras Laksar in Guercif.

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On the 12th December of 2020, the Minister of national education, vocational training, and scientific research, who is also the official spokesman of the Moroccan government, inaugurated the Communal School of Ras Laksar in Guercif.

The Minister arrived with the Region’s responsible, general secretary of national education, the academy’s director, and many military and civil figures for the inauguration of the school where they were welcomed very warmly.

In addition to this, this new Communal School which was reported to be of very fine architecture, falls into the drafting of work programs directly overseen by HM the King Mohamed VI, and aims at elevating education in rural areas so as to reduce the rate of school dropout.

During the inauguration, all the high figures visited the school’s facilities, which comprise 8 rooms for schooling, a library, a multimedia room, sanitary facilities, two functional housings, a sportsfield, and a dormitory which holds space for 80 beds approximately.

Everyone seemed so happy with the event and the level of interaction they had received with the high figures at the inauguration that the day was spent celebrating. The children themselves were involved in this celebration and played drums showcasing their own joy, and later all took pictures together.

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