Forum Canario-Sahraui: Ghali’s Appearance Before Spanish Judiciary, A “Judicial Farce”

The NGO criticized Santiago Pedraz, Judge of Spanish National Court, who refused to take any restrictive measure against Ghali.

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The Canary-Sahrawi Forum, a non-governmental association dedicated to nationals from the Moroccan Sahara and Canary Islands, has issued, yesterday Friday, an official statement criticizing the way the Spanish judiciary handled the case of Polisario Leader Brahim Ghali, a war criminal, describing it as “a judicial farce”.

In a statement, the Forum indicates that “what was conveyed by the development of the facts on the day of the hearing was that the defendant Brahim Ghali – alleged violator of both human rights and women’s rights, according to the complaints and accusations collected over the last few years – has been given a shameful red carpet so that he could evade his criminal responsibilities”.

The “Forum Canario-Saharaui” also denounced the Public Prosecutor’s indolence shown in this case, saying such a behavior is “professionally reprehensible”.

“Why didn’t the investigating judge ask Brahim Ghali any questions, and why, given that Ghali refused to answer the prosecutor’s questions, did the prosecutor not carry out a more exhaustive interrogation? ” wonders the Spanish NGO, noting that the Judge, and especially the Prosecutor have “failed to learn their lesson, in a clear neglect of their duties”.

This case “would undoubtedly cause us deep concern, as it would call into question the independence of our judicial system and the separation of powers in our democracy”, underlines the NGO.

On a final note, the Forum criticizes the actions taken by Manuel Ollé, Ghali’s Defence Attorney, and invites him to “reflect on his mockery of the victims involved in these lawsuits, and on his defence against the odds of a man with far more shadows than lights”, noting that Ollé’s statements only prove “the obtuse and unconditional support – all for the cause, including human rights violations – that the Polisario Front traditionally enjoys in Spain, from various spheres”.

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