His Majesty King Mohammed VI Commends Royal Armed Forces Efforts In Protecting National Territorial Integrity

This came in the Order of the Day addressed by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces, on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of founding the Royal Armed Forces (FAR).

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On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of founding the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), His Majesty King Mohammed VI expressed his appreciation and satisfaction for what the Moroccan army has achieved in terms of “the generosity of work during this year full of sacrifice and giving, and the fulfillment of our eternal national values.”

His Majesty also praised the “strength of resolve, steadfastness and selflessness demonstrated by the country’s soldiers in monitoring and securing land and air borders, especially in the southern and eastern regions.”

Moreover, The King expressed his gratitude to the sacrifices offered by the brave men of the Moroccan army in order to uphold the nation’s flag whilst in all parts of the kingdom, affirming that this will remain a pride for all Moroccans, and calling upon members of the army to make “more constructive effort and sincere dedication to achieve the will of your souls to excel and triumph.”

In the same context, His Majesty referred to the victory achieved by the FAR in the cross border of Guergarat, saying in this regard, “As the Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces, I am pleased to note in particular the rapid interaction of our armed forces with our high orders to reinforce cross border of Guergarat based on an elaborate plan to block the road for mercenary maneuvers.”

He added, “With your high professionalism in the field of planning, leadership and operational execution, you have been able to defeat the desperate maneuvers of the enemies of our territorial integrity, and you have shown to the whole world the feasibility and legitimacy of this qualitative process that enabled to ensure the safe flow of goods and people between Morocco and Africa.”

On a different note, King Mohammed VI praised the “heroic role of the military health teams stationed on the front lines to confront the Covid-19 pandemic, along with their counterparts in national institutions and civil protection personnel, to provide medical services as well as during the national process of vaccination.”

His Majesty also pointed out, in this regard, that despite the urgent and difficult circumstances of this pandemic and the restrictions it imposed, Moroccan army members were able to carry out their various tasks with enthusiasm, implement security-related plans, and fight cross-border crimes and respond to them effectively and decisively.

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