Moroccan Female Detainees Appeal to His Majesty King Mohammed VI

Moroccan wives of ISIS dead soldiers appeal to HM King Mohammed VI behind prison walls.

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Moroccan female detainees in Iraqi and Syrian prisons have appealed to His Majesty, King Mohammed VI, to intervene to bring them back to Morocco.

The female detainees described the oppression exercised on them stressing their innocence of any crime or their affiliation to any terrorist organism in letters to the National Coordination of Moroccan Families Detained or Stuck in Syria and Iraq.

The females in question are Moroccan citizens who were arrested by the Syrian and Iraqi Armies after wiping out ISIS from the perimeter. The female detainees were imprisoned in Iraqi prisons while others were detained in north Syria Camps. Various media reports covered the devastating situation of the Camps in question.

One of the detainees in her letter said. “I hereby appeal to the Moroccan Kingdom and King Mohammed VI to help bring us back to our beloved country. We have suffered a lot here, the conditions are devastating, starvation and deteriorating health care. My immune system is very weak as well as my sight, and my daughter gets sick all the time. The prison administration deports children requested by their countries of origin. If you, Moroccan decision makers, don’t request the deportation of my daughter, they threaten to put her in an orphanage. You must bring her back to her country.”

She continued. “We are victims of our brainwashed husbands. We are against extremism, which is the reason why we fled from ISIS where we had lived two years of woes. By the time our husbands were killed, I fled in my early pregnancy months. Iraqi authorities caught us and put us directly in prison where my 3-year-old daughter has grown up. We have been living as strangers for 5 years in sorrow and suffering.”

On her part, another detainee, appealed to King Mohammed VI and the government to bring her back to Morocco. She stated that she suffers from malnutrition and that she blacks out for long hours as she suffers from severe anemia. She added that she has been in prison for five years during which she has never seen her parents or family.

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