Morocco, A Bridge Between Continents and a Commercial Pole in The Mediterranean

Il Sole 24 Ore, Italian News Channel, praised the stability enjoyed by Morocco and the role the kingdom plays in the region.

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Il Sole 24 Ore also praised the stability enjoyed by Morocco and the role the kingdom plays in the region.

An Italian news channel highlighted the qualifications that Morocco has, and the role it plays as a bridge between continents and as an energy and commercial pole in the Mediterranean region.

The Italian channel “Il Sole 24 Ore”, in a reportage it conducted on “Morocco’s role in the Mediterranean basin”, confirmed that “the Covid-19 epidemic represents an opportunity to rethink cooperation, relations between Mediterranean countries, investments and the development of renewable energies to achieve new stability in the region.”

In this context, the channel added, “Morocco can play, more and more, the role of a bridge between continents, a gateway to Africa, and a pole of energy and trade”, noting that the European Investment Program for the Development of the South makes the relationship between Italy and Morocco particularly strategic, which was strengthened with the signing of the new strategic partnership agreement in 2019.

In this report, the channel reported an interview with the Moroccan ambassador to Italy, Youssef Bella, in which he stressed that “this epidemic provides opportunities for the Mediterranean countries to start again on new foundations, noting that Europe and the Mediterranean countries are called to renew their neighborhood policy, in a more coherent context”, with more solidarity towards the countries of the southern region.

And after calling for the coherence and strategic vision to include the various sectors, Bella said that “there are many issues that could be the focus of common interest, especially renewable energies and green economy,” highlighting that Morocco “provides an appropriate platform for Europe and Italy and thus a pole to enter Africa.”

He mentioned that the Kingdom is a pioneering country in the field of renewable energies and has the largest solar power plant in the world, producing 42% of its electricity from renewable energies, and by 2030 this rate will reach 52%, noting that this recognized leadership can be a major focus of European – Mediterranean cooperation.

The ambassador also highlighted that Morocco is a reliable partner and can keep pace with European investments in Africa, which is the continent of the future, as it is the only continent to achieve growth of more than 10%, and thus provides great opportunities for economic development, adding that ensuring economic development equals ensuring stability.

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