Morocco-France: New One-Way Maritime Link This Week

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The French Embassy in Morocco has announced the creation of a new maritime link between Morocco and France, following the suspension of flights between the two countries.

The departure is in fact scheduled for Saturday May 8th at the end of the day (the exact schedule will be specified later), and will be from Tanger Med port, arriving on May 10th in Marseille. The crossing will be made on board a ferry belonging to “La Méridionale”, said an embassy statement.

The embassy has made a registration form available to those wishing to take the ferry. “Registrations are required per vehicle and per person. Any registration made outside of this form or with erroneous information will not be taken into account”, specifies the embassy.

On a final note, the embassy  reminds that flights and special crossings only operate from Morocco to France and not vice versa. In the event of leaving Moroccan territory and given the suspension of links to Morocco, people residing in Morocco will not be able to return to the country until further notice.

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