Omar Raddad’s case returns to the fore after finding new proofs

The truth about the innocence of Omar Al-Raddad is back

After thirty years, the Omar Raddad case returns to the fore in France after the DNA of four people was found in the house of the wealthy Guillain Marshall, who was killed in June 1991.

At the time, Raddad, who was a gardener at Marshall’s house, was charged and convicted of the murder ,Where a phrase was found written by the victim’s blood which is  “Omar killed me”.

The new element may shed light again on the case of Raddad, who still bears criminal responsibility for Marshall’s murder, despite the presidential pardon he received during the era of former French President Jacques Chirac.

All indications approves that after the emergence of new elements, revealed by “Le Monde” newspaper,  which prompted Omar Al-Raddad’s defense to submit a new request in order to review his trial.

According to the statement “thanks to the new proofs that have been discovered since the last rejection decision of the Court of Review” in 2002, “the truth of Omar Al-Raddad’s innocence will be known, it is our firm conviction.”

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