The Netherlands Pays Tribute To Moroccan Soldiers Who Died In The Battle Of Kapelle

By choosing to defend the Netherlands, the brave Moroccan soldiers were distinguished by their courage, dedication and sacrifice in defending human values.

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A number of Moroccan soldiers who died during the 1940 battles against the Nazis were honored, yesterday, Thursday, during the commemoration of the Battle of Kapelle (Zeeland Province, Netherlands).

In a speech on this occasion, the Ambassador of Morocco to the Netherlands, Abdelouahab Bellouki, affirmed that the matter is about a deserved tribute to “the brave soldiers who died on the battlefield for freedom, human dignity and democracy.”

Bellouki emphasized that by choosing to defend the Netherlands, the brave Moroccan soldiers were distinguished by their courage, dedication and sacrifice in defending human values, adding, “They were distinguished by a sense of commitment and an altruistic spirit in favor of a just cause, and they came from a far place ready for the great sacrifice.”

The ambassador mentioned that 85,000 Moroccan soldiers contributed to the victory of the Allies over Nazism and fascism, in response to the call of the late King Mohammed V, who was awarded by General de Gaulle with the “Order of Liberation” medal.

“In Kapelle, we are pleased that this Memorial Day, which has been celebrated every year since 1985, confirms once again that the Moroccan soldiers have not been forgotten”, said Bellouki.

According to the ambassador, this honorary ceremony is also an occasion to celebrate “the solid friendship existing between the peoples of Morocco, the Netherlands and France, who are yearning for peace, justice and tolerance.”

He pointed out, “It also bears witness to our firm, ever-renewed wills, and our constant desire to reject barbarism, xenophobia, racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, which are the scourges that humanity is ashamed of.”

According to the Moroccan diplomat, “the contempt that some circles openly shown towards the Moroccan community in this country undermines its humanitarian foundations and flouts the valuable lessons that the Netherlands has taught us throughout history.”

He added that “grossly false images, which often constitute the subject of exploitation, the ready-made judgments associated with Moroccans living in the Netherlands and abroad, and the demonization of the entire community, through the actions of a rejected and unjustified minority, constitute an approach that is to say the least hurtful and offensive.”

On a different note, Bellouki noted that this celebration “generates a feeling of deep pride among the people of my country. It is an event that prompts them to further integrate into Dutch society with enthusiasm and dedication.” They “call for a logical review of free ready-made rulings and unfounded stereotypes, which are unfairly affixed to Moroccans living in the Netherlands and abroad.

Lastly, the ambassador stressed the need to preserve this memory to be “a source of inspiration and a lesson for present and future generations.”

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