Macron: Caricatures emerged from non-government newspapers

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A recent boycott on French Products resulted in the withdrawal of these products from supermarkets all over the Arab/Muslim world. This action was a retaliation against President Emmanuel Macron’s recent statements against Islam.

France suffered considerably a while ago from Moroccans’ boycott against some of its companies like “Centrale Laitière”. A similar unofficial social media campaign is ongoing these days against French companies not just in Morocco but all over the world.

On a recent statement, Macron said that the government was never behind those caricatures and that he understands Muslims’ feelings towards this issue. This recent statement contradicts what he said before regarding the French teacher’s death by his student.

Macron added that his statements were misunderstood and he also tried to clarify that what he said didn’t mean that he advocates those caricatures or whatever they represent.

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