U.S Deputy Commanding General: Morocco, An “Indispensable” Ally For Preserving Peace And Stability In The Maghreb Region

Within the framework of the presence of the US army in Morocco to host the African Lion 2021 military maneuvers, Maj. Gen. Andrew M. Rohling, Deputy Commanding General for Africa and U.S. Army, stressed yesterday, Thursday, that the military cooperation between Morocco and the U.S. is “limitless” and holds enormous opportunities for the future.

In a statement during a telephone press conference on the Morocco-US military maneuvers “African Lion 2021”, which have been underway since June 7th, the high-ranking US official highlighted the role played by Morocco as an “indispensable” ally in North Africa thanks to its “effective contribution” in maintaining peace and stability in the Maghreb region.

General Rohling also stressed that the United States and Morocco have had a strong and solid partnership for 200 years, which will be further strengthened, recalling that the Kingdom was the first country to recognize the United States of America in 1777.

In the same context, the military official highlighted that Morocco has always shown “great hospitality and generosity” by hosting, every year, these joint military exercises, “which are considered one of the most important and complex exercises in the world, with the participation of 8,000 soldiers from eight countries, in addition to 15 observers who are potentially participating in the next “African Lion 2022” exercise.

Rohling also revealed that “during the past two weeks, we have carried out many joint activities across Moroccan and Tunisian territories, with the use of important land, air and sea equipment, with the aim of enhancing interoperability between participants in the field of planning and implementing joint operations.”

“Military operations include the humanitarian component, disaster relief and potential conflict resolution, among others”, said General Rohling, adding that the African Lion 2021 “seeks to integrate all of these scenarios into simulations.”

This military exercise aims primarily to enhance the maneuvering capabilities of the participating units, master tactics, techniques and procedures, train air forces to conduct combat operations, support and refuel in the air, and enhance cooperation in the field of maritime security. It also includes conducting trainings on countering violent terrorist organizations.

It is worth noting that the 17th edition of this joint Morocco-US military exercise will continue until June 18th in the regions of Agadir, Tifnit, Tan-Tan, Mahbes, Tafraout, Benguerir and Kenitra, with the participation of thousands of multinational armies and a very large number of land, air and sea equipment.

In addition to the United States and Morocco, this exercise is marked by the participation of Britain, Brazil, Canada, Tunisia, Senegal, the Netherlands and Italy, as well as NATO and military observers from thirty countries representing Africa, Europe and America.

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