Will Morocco Resort to Israeli High-techs to Solve Water Shortage Crisis ?

"Israel is a world power in water resources development, and it is where water distillation was invented, and it has succeeded in greening dry desert spaces."

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The shortage of potable water has begun to impose itself gradually in Morocco. As a result of the climate change effects on water resources in recent decades, especially in the southern and eastern regions. That’s where this shortage is exacerbated in summer time.

The features of this crisis are clearly evident in Draa-Tafilalet region, mainly in Zagora city, which witnessed in the past, what were called “thirst protests”, leading the government to launch several projects for water treatment plants, but there has been delay compared to urgent environmental challenges.

After resuming diplomatic between Tel Aviv and Rabat, Moroccan officials can benefit from the Israeli experience in wastewater management, Israel, who has succeeded in overcoming drought, is a pioneer in recycling and reusing wastewater in agriculture.

“IsraelValley”, an online newspaper published an article saying that the city of Tel Aviv recycles more than 80 % of the wastewater and is used to irrigate nearly 20,000 hectares, representing 16% of Israel’s water needs.

In addition to Kuwait and Singapore, Israel is among the most advanced countries in the field of wastewater recycling, according to the same newspaper, providing potable water will be the first challenge for all countries, especially those located in dry areas.

An international scientific journal published a recent study warning of the serious water drain hitting the southeast of Morocco, worsening the fragility of the water balance in the region, in addition to certain remarks about the quality of groundwater used for drinking and agricultural irrigation.

In this context, Abderrahim Ksiri, the national coordinator of the Moroccan Coalition for and Sustainable Development and for Climate, said, “Israel is a world power in water resources development, and it is where water distillation was invented, and it has succeeded in greening dry desert spaces.”

“Israel has major companies for agricultural seeds production that we used to buy from it indirectly, consequently, it leads to high costs, the return of political relations with state of Isreal will transfer Israeli technologies to Morocco, and to Africa as well.”Al -Ksiri added.

The environmental activist explained that Morocco does not have a clear perspective to the field of water resources management, which obliges the use of Israeli technologies, a step that will guarantees the sustainability of these resources, through natural resources retention for the coming generations of our nation on the one hand, and improving the quality of agricultural products on the other hand.
“groundwater has been terribly damaged in recent years, despite the dams building strategy which has succeeded in achieving water sufficiency for the country, but those dams are not adequately protected from puddle clay effects, resulting in the loss of waters due to muds”.The same spokesman pointed out.

Ksiri stressed that Moroccan water police device does not have sufficient power and means to control groundwater management that is being depleted by some cultivation activities, The water of future generations is being consumed excessively, knowing that it takes millions of years to have groundwater pooling.

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