“Polisario” cancels Ceasefire Agreement

This decision comes right after the defeat of separatist “Polisario” against Moroccan Royal Armed Forces

Following its utter failure in taking control over Guergarat crossing, separatist “Polisario Front” hastened to cancel the ceasefire agreement signed with Morocco 29 years ago, under the supervision of the United Nations.

According to the front’s news agency, the so-called “President” of the “Phantom Republic,” Ibrahim Ghali, “issued a presidential decree announcing the end of the ceasefire agreement signed between the Polisario Front and the Kingdom of Morocco in 1991.”

As stated by the same source, the decree has been entrusted to the so-called “Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army Staff Command” to take all measures and procedures related to implementing the requirements of this “decree” within its jurisdiction.

This decision comes after the Polisario’s defeat against the military operation which the Royal Armed Forces carried out on Friday to liberate the region of Guergarat.

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