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About Us

Moroccotelegraph.com is a newly founded English-speaking Moroccan website the mission of which is to bring news of the Moroccan Kingdom to our large readership.

Moroccotelegraph.com reaches more than 90.000 readers each month — and nearly 25.000 unique visitors around the world. Readers rely on moroccotelegraph.com for updated news, online discussions and original video content.

Morocco Telegraph Mobile offers anyone with a mobile phone access to the MT’s unparalleled news, analysis and commentary; readers can sign up for text alerts to make sure they stay informed wherever they are. MT Mobile leverages the latest mobile advertising technologies to help advertisers benefit from this highly engaging medium.

Our editorial board includes a number of young professional journalists, who have accumulated experience in news reporting in national and international platforms which will enable Moroccotelegraph.com to combine professionalism and proximity to social media platforms.

Our headquarters are located at: 13, Ahmed El Majjati, Res. Les Alpes, 1st Floor, Apt. n° 8, Maarif – Casablanca, Maroc.

Press Kit: 2021/15 S

The Charter of Journalistic Ethics

We, the editorial board of “Morocco Telegraph” pledge to abide by the charter of ethics for practicing the profession of journalism and the freedom of expression, approved by all independent national bodies
in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Our journalists pledge to practice their profession in accordance with the Global Charter of Ethics of the “International Federation of Journalists”, which obliges the journalist to chase the truth, defend the principles of freedom, use fair methods to obtain information, observe professional secrecy, rectify publication errors, respect the privacy of others, and distinguish between advocacy and news reporting.

For suggestions and inquiries, please email us at: [email protected]


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